Marketing, Research, Behavioural Insights, Project Design, Communications Strategy

Social Engine draws on cross-sector experience and knowledge to create and deliver effective solutions to organisational, service or project challenges. Typically we’ll work with senior staff or project managers to define goals, understand barriers and create effective pathways.

We’ll help you to establish a clear vision, progress measures and affordable, workable routes forward.

In recent years we’ve helped devise strategic and operational plans, undertaken large (and small) scale research, led community programmes and designed services based on social marketing and behavioural insights.

At a time when there is an increased focus on demand management, evidence of impact and the need to engage diverse stakeholders, our support can make the difference between a costly mistake and a successful outcome.

Our approach is based on a proven, four stage process:

  1. Unpick the challenge or opportunity
  2. Specify the change or impact sought
  3. Develop an evidence based approach
  4. Refine, roll out and evaluate.

Whether you need evidence to launch a new service or programme or to assess the effectiveness of current working, we can help provide the insight you need to take confident steps forward