Training Workshop

Free Behavioural Insights training workshop
Friday 5 October 2018, central London


While we would like to think we are all rational creatures the evidence would suggest otherwise. Deep-rooted psychological biases affect our behaviour every single day. Commercial organisations have been onto this for years with inventive ways to engage us emotionally and financially. But how can you begin to harness some of the secrets of the brain to produce more effective social outcomes?

Social Engine are hosting a free Introduction to Behavioural Insights and Social Marketing training workshop to show you just that! Come and see how some simple changes to your approach can benefit your organisation.

In this highly practical session will explore how behavioural insights and social marketing can be used as effective strategies for encouraging behaviour change and service improvement. We will provide an overview of the key theories and concepts behind behavioural insights and social marketing; provide some practical case studies of their successful implementation in a range of contexts and enable participants to explore some of the tools available in order to apply the techniques to their own areas of work.

We will cover:

  • What are behavioural insights and how do they work?
  • Understanding influences on choices and the use of frameworks like MINDSPACE
  • Behavioural insights in practice: good practice case studies using behavioural insights to improve performance
  • Social Marketing: What good examples are there?
  • Using the Cost/Value exchange matrix
  • Putting it into practice

If you are interested in attending please register below to book your place – spaces are limited and will be offered on a first come, first served basis. We looking forward to seeing you there!