Whether we give it much attention or not our brand communicates to audiences 24 hours a day. Through the way we deal with enquiries, how our products or services are received, the user-friendly language we use and how our staff feel. Every touch point tells a story. Strategic communication provides us the means to make sure that story is the one we want to share; one that captures our values and ambition. So much more than old ideas of PR and spin, this is about brand positioning and underpins corporate objectives.

So why might an organisation need to rethink its positioning? Whilst many organisations might consider themselves ‘unique’ we are all, in fact, in ‘competition’ – vying for the attention of customers much more interested in other things. Whether it is about converting ‘communication’ to ‘engagement’, securing cut through or increasing market share or just enabling consumers to understand an issue, taking a step back and reviewing strategic communications goes hand in hand with achieving results.

‘why do the media go to X organisation, rather than us?’

‘how do we regain trust?’

‘how can we get people to use the website rather than call in?’

‘how can we get people to engage?’

‘why is there such low take up of our new app?’

Whether you’re pondering big questions or small, a review of strategic communication could be the first step in getting back on track.