Effective programmes are reliant on well thought out approaches with clearly defined goals, KPIs and metrics. Getting it right can mean the difference between the initiative working or failing – between engaging with your customer or putting their back up!

But knowing what to strive for, how to measure it and what insights are needed to make it relevant can be hard. So whether you are looking for research – including focus groups, surveys or data analysis through to Randomised Controlled Trials (RCTs) we can help you develop a framework built around evidence.

With many years working across public, not for profit and commercial sectors we are well aware that research is only only part of the story. So if you’re not quite ready to develop a new programme then we can help you build a proposal¬†that will help gain the support of colleagues or budget holders. Our specialist knowledge of behavioural insights can help create a compelling (and cost-effective) narrative on the best approaches to engage audiences. Combine this with needs and competitor analysis and you’re well on the way to a well thought through programme design.