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Strategic Planning
Programme Design

In 2012 DH and DfE commissioned us to establish a new grant-making charity designed to improve lifeskills for school aged children. From establishing the legal framework, preparing policies and supporting the new trustees, our work has enabled this new organisation to start work on tackling alcohol related education for children.
“Without Avis and Toby there would be no LEAF…they set it up, established effective governance structures and ensured trustees were clear on their responsibilities and operating effectively.”

Neil Dube
Lifeskills Education and Alcohol Foundation chair

Strategic Communication
Strategic Planning
Programme design
Research and Evaluation

In 2011 Avis and Toby led a campaign to establish a comprehensive school in North London. A multi-faceted project with more twists and turns than could ever be imagined, they continue to volunteer to this day, determined to create an inclusive and inspiring learning space for local children and a hub for community activity.

“Avis and Toby are two of the most impressive people I have ever met. Their efforts and achievements in founding the Archer Academy have been nothing short of extraordinary. For this £27 million project, they have successfully led on strategic planning, public consultation, community engagement, political lobbying, premises development, governance, financial oversight and the list goes on. There are not many people who can excel in all these fields and yet in doing so they have ensured the transformation of an idea into a highly successful reality. In sum, they are talented, they work hard to make things happen and, furthermore, they make hard work fun.”

Prof Jon Hindmarsh
Professor of Work and Interaction, King’s College London

Programme Design
Research and Evaluation

Social Engine have been supporting the Council to develop their use of behavioural science and social marketing. This work has involved training council staff across the organisation in their use to build capacity and capability and supporting the design and delivery of Randomised Controlled Trials to test the effectiveness of interventions. A successful RCT designed to encourage cititzens to access services online (‘channel shift’) led to a significant increase in online activity among the target group, saving the council £20,000 each year.

We continue to work closely with the Council through training, co-designing interventions and trials and supporting the development of insight-led programmes of work.

“Social Engine have provided us with outstanding support, from introductory workshops to supporting full scale randomised control trials. They bring engaging style with intellectual rigour and have really helped us make a significant difference to the way in which we interact with our customers. This has helped deliver tangible improvements to the work we do and genuine cashable benefits”

Sophia Looney
Customer Services Director, Essex County Council