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Representatives from the Fire Service, GLA, Suzi Lamplugh Trust, CIPR and others attended an Introduction to Behavioural Insights run by Avis and Toby on 5th October.

The half-day session saw participants get to grips with factors that shape human thoughts and behaviours, considering the role of neural pathways through to the influence of peers and social norms.

Whilst many organisations make use of demographic, socio-economic and other data these often fail to take account of ‘why’ people behave as they do and ‘how’ to engage more effectively. Equipped with some BI techniques and tools, attendees considered challenges within their own organisations to explore how to make the most of intervention design and communications approaches.

Social Engine are currently working on a range of projects – from promoting fitness to citizenship, fire safety to tenant engagement –  and our team regularly supports practitioners to build behavioural insights into their work. How could help you?

“I can’t recommend Social Engine’s Behaviour Insight training highly enough. Toby and Avis are able to bring their real world experience into it making the session practical, useful, relevant and engaging. I thoroughly enjoyed the session – it’s inspired me to read up further on the subject and consider ways to use behavioural insights into my work.”

Jon Gerlis, Senior Policy Officer, CIPR

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