Behavioural insights allow us to understand more about why people act and think in the ways they do. Bringing together a range of disciplines including psychology, social science and economics they provide a deeper understanding of the factors that influence decision-making.

Used within a policy context, they allow organisations to develop practice and approaches that are likely to be more in-tune with citizens’ lives and lifestyles. Applying behavioural insights allows us to have a greater understanding of what interventions are likely to work allowing for more cost effective planning and practice.

Against a backdrop of budget cuts, addressing the increasing challenges of public service delivery is increasingly difficult. Quite simply, the old ways just don’t cut it in the search to find sustainable solutions to the biggest problems of our time.

Over recent years we have worked with local authorities, charities and unions to improve the outcomes of projects focused on public health, educational attainment, social inclusion and community engagement. And it doesn’t stop there, using behavioural insights we have been able to improve internal processing realising millions of pounds in revenue (and cost savings) within hard-pressed council budgets.

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