Avis Johns, Co-founder

Avis is a senior leader with over 25 years communications, brand and marketing experience across public, voluntary and commercial sectors.

She brings empathy, ambition, creativity and evidence to every project and is at home from the conference floor, to the boardroom through to dialogue with staff and service users.

Whether it is asking the hard questions about organisational objectives or drilling down into what makes people tick she brings her passion – and pragmatism, to every project.

Toby Blume, Co-founder

For over 20 years Toby has been designing and delivering new ways to tackle social, economic and environmental challenges in the public and not for profit sectors.

He brings a passion for analysis and figuring out a pragmatic path to improvement. His curiosity and creativity are coupled with a passion for social justice and a love of connecting dots and building networks.

Toby’s broad experience includes supporting the smallest community groups and marginalised groups, through to navigating Government Departments and public bodies, whilst remaining singularly focused on the task at hand.